Description Defines special properties for certain tiles
Location assets\data\Tiles.dat

"Tiles.dat" is a data file. It defines special properties for certain tiles, such as color on map, footsteps sound and light emmiting color.


	tiles: {
		"texture number": { class:com.interrupt.dungeoneer.tiles.TileData, property 1, property 2, [...]	}


Name Value Description
damageType string damage type Element for damage in case the property "hurts" is set
darkenFloor boolean Floor has a dark glow. Used for pits to fade to black
drawCeiling boolean Whether this tile is shown or not when used as ceiling. Used to display the skybox
drawWalls boolean Whether this tile is shown or not when used as wall. Used to display the skybox
entitiesCanSpawn boolean Sets whether entities can spawn in this tile, and if things can be teleported there
flowTex integer textures.png id What texture is displayed on walls in case this tile is raised
hurts integer How much damage it deals to an entity when it steps in it
isWater boolean Sets the tile as having water properties
lightColor {r: 1.0, g: 1.0, b: 1.0} Color of the light this tile emits
mapColor {r: 1.0, g: 1.0, b: 1.0} Color the tile shows up in the map
particleTex integer particles.png id What particle this tile will emit when hit
walkSound string file name The sound played when walking over this tile. Can use a list of files separated by a comma