Dodge ChanceEdit

Every entity has a 15% chance to dodge a melee attack

Player SpecificEdit

Armor Class (AC)Edit

It reduces the damage of a melee attack by a fixed amount. Damage taken can't go below 1, assuming the attack isn't dodged.

Starting ItemsEdit

The player will always start with: 

  • Weapon id "1"
  • 1 random potion
  • 1 random wand
  • 1 random food
  • Armor id "1"
  • "Useless Pants"

So far there's no way to change this.


The experience required to level up is calculated by the following formula:

playerLevel * 4 * (playerLevel * 2)

Each monster killed gives the player 3 + monsterLevel exp

The player gains 1 extra health point on each level up

Agility Edit

Defines how fast the player can move while holding a charged attack

Magic Edit

Increases the number of charges on wands. Affects all wands the player currently has and all the ones picked up in the future

Speed Edit

Increases the walk speed of the player

Attack Edit

Increases the damage of melee attacks

Defense Edit

Increases the player's Armor Class

Health Edit

Each point increases the maximum health by 4 points

Monster SpecificEdit


The level of the monster affects its damage and health. It's defined by the current dungeon level


The base damage of a monster will be level + atk


The health of the monster is defined by level * 2 + maxHp