Description Defines special spawning rules for a specific dungeon level
Location assets\generator\level\info.dat\Info.dat

"info.dat" is a data file. It defines special properties for randomly generated doodads in a dungeon, such as grass, torches and pebbles.


	Info Type: [
		property 1, property 2, [...]

Info TypeEdit

Name Description
doors Possibly not used anymore
genInfos Randomly spawning doodads (such as grass and rocks)
spawnLights Possibly not used anymore


Name Value Description
attachCeiling boolean Set to true if object should be placed in ceiling. Doesn't have to be set otherwise
ceilTex integer texture id In which ceiling texture this object can appear
chance float 0 to 1 Chance this rule will happen
clusterCount integer Number of object that will be spawned
clusterSpread float Distance between spawned objects
comment string User comment, doesn't affect game
floorTex integer texture id In which floor texture this object can appear
performanceControlledClustering boolean Unknown. All default objects have this set to true
spawns:[] entities Entity or list of entities that this object contains