Description Defines objects, particles and sounds to be used in the game and the editor
Location assets\data\Entities.dat

"Entities.dat" is a data file. It defines entities into the game such as crates, trees, particles and environmental sounds.

Entities and categories will be displayed in the level editor.


	entities: {
		"Category name": {
			"Object name": { class:com.interrupt.dungeoneer.entities.entity type, property 1, property 2, [...] }

Entity TypesEdit

Name Description
AmbientSound A sound file that plays and loops at a defined position
Armor A piece of armor
Breakable An entity that can be broken
Decoration An item that has no use
Door An entity that acts like a door
DynamicLight A light entity
EntitySpawner Can spawn other entities
Foliage A 2D plane that acts as an object
Group An entity that contains other entities
Light Emits light
Model Model created from a 3D mesh and a texture
Monster A monster (use monsters.dat instead)
Mover A moveable entity
Note An item that displays a message when used
ParticleEmitter Constantly emits particles
ProjectedDecal Projects a sprite or texture onto a surface
Sword A weapon, any kind not only swords
Torch A special type of light that has an animated sprite
Trigger Triggers another object
TriggeredMessage Displays a message when triggered
TriggeredMusic Plays a music or sound when triggered
TriggeredShop Displays a shop menu when triggered
TriggeredTeleportPlayer Teleports the player to its position when triggered
TriggeredTrap Creates a trap effect when triggered

Common PropertiesEdit

Name Value Description
artType sprite, entity, item, hidden, texture, particle What file type to refer to when getting a texture
collision {x:1.0,y:1.0,z:1.0} Collision box for the entity
collidesWith all, staticOnly, actorsOnly, nonActors What type of entity can collide with it
detailLevel LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH Minimum quality setting that this entity will be spawned in
emitter {emitter properties} Sets a particle emitter on this entity
entities {class: ..., class:..., ...} List of entities included in a group
floating boolean
id string Sets an id that can be referenced by triggers
isDynamic boolean Defines if this entity is affected by light and/or gravity
isSolid boolean Defines if entity is solid
scale float Scaling for this entity visuals. Default is 1.0
spawnChance float Chance that this entity will be spawned. Default is 1.0
tex integer textures id Defines a texture image
yOffset float Vertical offset for this entity visuals